pod dozers

Pod Dozer Overview

These vessels are built in sizes ranging from 16 to 21 feet

The most popular size is the 18-foot version with a beam of 10 feet and a draught of 7 feet.

Powered by a diesel engine producing 230 HP at 1800 RPM coupled to a marine gear turning a 35 ½” propellor inside a 36” steering nozzle. This makes these vessels very maneuverable and ideal for towing and booming work.

These vessels come with a full cab that is isolated with anti-vibration blocks from the hull to increase operator comfort. Also full window guarding makes it safer for the operator. Our Cab design and widow guards met the requirements of Work Safe Regulations.

These vessels are available with many custom options to suit the needs of the customer.

  • Length (overall): 18’-0"
  • Beam 10'-0"
  • Draft: 7’-0”
  • Powered by a Diesel engine producing 230 HP at 1800 RPM.
  • The overall weight of these boats vary depending on options but most weigh in at around 7 Ton.
  • 5/16” side & 3/8” bottom plating (mild steel).
  • Deck plating and engine coaming to be ¼” plate.
  • Five (5) rows of angle iron rub strakes.
  • 2 only CHT-100 can-openers mounted on bow.
  • 5 rows of 5/8” x 3” FB rub strips on each side of hull.
  • 2 lifting lugs (one port, one starboard).
  • Heavy duty propeller cage with access gate.
  • Engine cooling in skeg.
  • 2 tow posts, 6” pipe, one located at bow, one located aft of wheelhouse.
  • 2 aluminum fuel tanks, 135 imperial gallon total capacity. Fuel tanks to have drain plugs.
  • 36” diameter Kort style steering nozzle, c/w stainless steel liner.
  • Nozzle to have full guarding.
Cab/ Wheelhouse
  • Fabricated from aluminum, c/w vibration isolation mounts.
  • Cab is insulated and lined.
  • Safety glass in all windows, side windows with slides on both. Guard screen on all windows.
  • 36” diameter Kort style steering nozzle, c/w stainless steel liner.
  • Propeller to be 36” diameter 3 blade stainless steel to suit Kort nozzle.
  • Steering by T-Unit or Cylinder’s.
  • Char-Lynn style helm pump with an engine mounted power assist pump.
  • 4" heavy duty engine exhaust silencer.
  • Many engine options are available Detroit Diesel, John Deere, Cummins engine rated 230 hp @ 1800 RPM, with a Twin Disc SP 50913. 83:1 PTO.
  • Engine and gear controls to be Morse 73C series.
  • Racor fuel filter, oil filter and fuel/water separator.
  • One 12-volt battery to be supplied and installed.
  • Engine gauge package. Engine alarm system.
  • One only 'Rule' bilge pump.
  • Standard LED running lights mounted on wheelhouse.
  • One only LED dome light in wheelhouse.
  • Dual windshield wipers.
  • LED Work lights 2 facing forward, 2 facing aft.
  • Two LED lights in engine room.
  • Bus type heater (dual fan) with independent defrost option (wheelhouse). Front window defroster fan.
  • Two 5 lb. fire extinguishers.
  • Engine hatch cover to be aluminum, c/w insulation.
  • Deck to be covered with ‘Matta’ anti-fatigue matting.
  • Interior floor of wheelhouse to be covered with solid anti-fatigue matting.
  • Electric air horn to be fitted to wheelhouse.
  • Hull to have approx. 10 Z-4
  • Hull exterior to be painted with 2 coats of Clova Mastic Epoxy to a min 12-16 mils DFT.
  • Exterior of hull including skeg and propeller cage, to be painted with two coats black.
  • Hull interior to be painted with 2 coats of Epoxy (off-white) to a min 12-16 mils DFT.
  • Engine coaming to be painted with Epoxy, (white) and polyurethane to corporate colors.
  • Wheelhouse Exterior to be painted with polyurethane to corporate colors.